Event and Office Catering - for you in your space 

We would be delighted to cater for your event or office meeting. We hope you like our varied menu! We can customise it to your specific requirements and help with quantities and portion sizes. Please fill in the form here to let us know your requirements and we will get in touch. We deliver within a 5km radius of Smithfield. All our prices are including VAT.

Breakfast Platter 

  • Selection of freshly baked Breakfast Pastries €2.95
  • Almond Croissant €3.50
  • Freshly baked Mini Pastries €1.75
  • Home baked Scones  fruit, plain, & raspberry €3.50
  • Overnight Soaked Oats Vegan €5.20
  • Granola pot €5.55
  • Creamy Porridge with homemade fruit compote honey €4.95
  • Fresh and Seasonal Fruit Pot €3.20

Freshly brewed Tea and Coffee

Freshly ground hot Imbibe Coffee

  • Large serves 25 €63.00   

  • Small serves 15 €39.40

Irish Breakfast Tea 

  • Large serves 25 €39.40

  • Small serves 15 €26.25 
  • Fresh Orange Juice €3.75

Buffet Lunch

  • Fresh and Seasonal Soup of the Day €5.25

  • Selection of freshly cut sandwiches  €5.20
  • Selection of freshly cut ciabatta and wraps €9.40

    *We apply a 5% discount for sandwich orders of 12 sandwiches or more. *We offer a 10% discount for sandwich orders of 36 sandwiches or more

  • Gourmet Salad Box €6.85

    Allergens on above items noted on delivery 

  • Bacon Jam Sausage roll  €6.25
  • Black Pudding Sausage Roll €6.25
  • Veggie Rolls €6.25

Home Baked Goodies


  • Charcuterie Canapé Cup with Petite Bite-Sized Delights to follow €11.95

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